Glacier National Park Argentina

Glacier National Park Argentina was created in 1937 for the purpose of defining a large area where there are 47 big glaciers in the Andes, over 200 glaciers and ice sheets smaller size to ensure their preservation.

It is located south-west of Santa Cruz Province Argentina. To the west, Glacier National Park borders on the border of Argentina and Chile, and contains part of the continental ice fields and glaciers all down to the East.

Glaciers National Park covers an area of 730,000 ha, hosting the Lake Argentino, in whose arms are the most famous glaciers in Argentina, including the Glacier Perito Moreno. In addition, there are others like Spegazzini Glacier, Upsala Glacier, and Glacier Onelli.

As a result of thawing, will rise to two large lakes: Lake Argentino and Lake Viedma, emptying into the Atlantic Ocean after crossing the province through the channel of the Rio Santa Cruz.

Approximately 260,000 ha of the park are covered with ice, and 95,000 ha lakes, therefore, more than half of the area is bare.

The area covered by forest is 79,000 ha. About dominated Guindo and Ņire Lenga trees.

The flora of Glacier National Park Argentina is located within the District Magellan. Among the shrubs are: notro; of red flowers, caulking, fruit purple and yellow flowers, and the elder of the devil, in the regions.

Among the fauna of Glacier National Park stands out. The condor, the eagle, the rhea, guanaco and puma.