Flights to Calafate Travel How to get and Arrive

Postal Code 9405 | National Dialing 02902 | International Dialing 54 2902

Arriving by plane to El Calafate
Flights to Calafate Travel

The international airport is 22 km from the city of El Calafate, with all the amenities, bars, shops, VIP area and parking.

It occupies an area of 14.700m2 and has a runway 2,500 m long by 45 m wide. You will know how to get to El Calafate by air through air transport companies who serve as Aerolineas Argentinas, Southern Winds, Lapa, Dinar, and Lade.

Useful Data Calafate International Airport.

London Supply SA
Te.: 491230 / 491229 /
Manager: Mr. Sergio Natali

Air Force Argentina
Te.: 491912 / 491062
Airport chief: Mayor Armando Alfonso

Some airlines
Aerolineas Argentinas: July 9, 1957 - L1 Tel: 0-810-222-86527 / 1949-2815
LAN: Tel: 49-1854
Air Taxi Transtam: Cel: 15-5813409
LADE: Julio A. L4 1004 Roca Tel: 49-1262

It is always advisable to book in advance to ensure the best availability and pricing. Saves you from unpleasant surprises as the possibility that there are no more seats available on the day he decides to fly. That could complicate plans they have done, even for tours and hotel reservations. Once you have your airline ticket, you can only concentrate on enjoying yourself.

Land transport system

The taxi is the most practical means of transport, fast, safe to move in Calafate. Before knowing how to get to Calafate by car, know that if you decide to travel on some carriers, you can order by phone and you can be sure that all cars driven on the streets and provide this service are duly authorized and controlled by the local municipality.

To move out of town, to Glacier National Park, the village Chalten, Ushuaia, or cross into Chile, you can hire 4x4 vehicles.

Car Rental

You can rent cars in the Terminal or in the center of the city.

Some phone companies to rent cars.
ON RENT A CAR , autos, pick-ups y camionetas 4x4, Libertador 1831 - TEL 493 788
DUBROVNIK autos y vehiculos 4x4 P. De Agostini 147 – Tel 496222
DOLLAR de autos y 4x4 Libertador 1241 – Tel 492541
SERVICAR autos pequeños, medianos, camionetas y pick-ups Libertdor 695 - TEL 492541
BUDGET Raimundo Frieile 2119 - TEL 495 808
WAGEN: Libertador 1341 - TEL 492297
ADVENTURE: Libertador 290 - TEL 492595
ALAMO: Libertador 290 - TEL 493 707