Calafate Activities Argentina

Outdoor Activities in El Calafate

You will have the opportunity to perform various recreational activities in El Calafate, and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of Patagonia.

Mountain biking is one of the activities in El Calafate most exciting, because you can walk around the city and reach places you could not achieve with any four-wheel drive vehicle and enjoy panoramic views across the region.

In El Calafate you can rent mountain bikes

Trekking is an excellent activity in Calafate, imagine walking on the shore of Lago Argentino, the largest and southernmost of the Great Lakes Patagonia Argentina, or get to Nimes Lagoon Wildlife Reserve, located about 1 km. the mall.

In the city you can visit various shopping venues, recreational and cultural.

Walk of the Gnomes

Located in downtown El Calafate.

It is a shopping promenade, where you can buy handicrafts and local products.

The Walk of the Gnomes also has tourist information office.